1616 West I-65 Service Road S.
Mobile, Alabama 36693

About Us


Focused and driven, Gregory steers our family with the fervor and enthusiasm of General Patton, Napoleon, and Churchill combined. Like a classic play in the game of Bridge, Greg employs finesse to run our operation as smoothly as a classic Rolls Royce, and with the speed of a Ferrari. A smooth operator, he can cruise the antique world and find the classic pieces which have become our signature. A sure-footed captain, Gregory is a classic model of all it takes to offer the public the best of the best and lead a parade of nimble employees to the fast lane.


Edith Sitwell once said, “Good taste is the worst vice ever invented.” Our Charles has taken this much to heart. With an eye for detail, an unparallelled knowledge of Fine Art, Continental furnishings, and all things from Imperial Russia, he brings balance, order, and beauty (and occasionally, decadent excess) to our world. Charles, who is always infinitely quotable, has a saying, “All true language is incomprehensible, like the chatter of a beggar’s teeth.” Though none of us are sure what this means, his amazing style and panache make us agree. After all, he does speak 3 languages fluently, so he should know. Charles cannot make Hamburger Helper, nor does he do his own laundry. He regrets, but is not surprised, that once an impassioned opera singer threw herself from a balcony for love of him.


Cathy has an unmatched knowledge of our 40,000 piece inventory, has a photographic memory, and can catch any falling object in mid-air. Finding the perfect compliment to any setting comes naturally to her, and she navigates our vast showroom in a way that astonishes all those around her (how can she possibly know where every single sterling silver server in the building is?) Before she became part of our family, she worked on a dairy farm and earned herself the name, “Old Icy Fingers.” In spite of this, we love her very much.


James is not afraid of clowns, has been known to control the weather when specifically asked to, and inexplicably names everything “Henry.” Without him, we doubt anything would get anywhere on time. Luckily, we have him in our corner, so pick ups and deliveries run like clockwork.